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The Long Long Trailer

We took the Long Long Trailer on our road trip and watched it for the fist time today.  I have a feeling we'll pop it in to watch a few times more. Knock on wood, we don't encounter any of these mishaps on our journey.

Starting out at Last

June 29
Finally on the road.  After many many delays we finally hit the road today with a goal of getting to Idaho by July 1.  We chose to head north on I-5 and then east and north on Hwy 299 and up 395 to Oregon and on to Idaho rather than the faster route through Nevada. Here we are, all loaded up and ready to hit the road.
Our ready to play inventory included:
1 slalom kayak
3 river running kayaks
2 bikes
1 dirt bike

Aguadream was not perfect by any stretch yet, but definitely ready for the road-- safety wise.  Much of our delay was in getting the electrical done...just couldn't get the lights to work. Also just couldn't get the curbside front window situated so we patched it with a piece of wood hoping for little rain on our journey.

An afternoon start out of Oakland meant hitting some rush hour traffic.  After Vacaville it was easy sailing, but our 50 mph speed limit meant that we'd only make it as far as Red Bluff on day 1.  We found a kind of seedy mostly full time…