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Fallen Leaf Lake Casual Vintage Camp Out

Fallen Leaf Lake near Tahoe  is a wonderful campground, and the site of an informal annual gathering of vintage campers organized by Kathy Lebs.  All in all about 30 folks and 20 trailers and numerous four legged friends of various vintages sizes and states of restoration showed up for a few days of relaxing, hiking, and potlucks.  Unlike trailer rallies, this was much more organized tours or clinics...just a bunch of friends enjoying the natural surroundings and each others company and common interest in aluminum homes on wheels.  My son Ben was off on an adventure of his own for the weekend, so Lucy my Lab and I enjoyed a grown up weekend.

 A couple of firsts:
1.  Hike to Cathedral Lake in Desolation Wilderness...stunning, and an 1800 ft gain in elevation.
2.  Wahdingers-- a campfire treat of biscuit dough baked on sticks (dowels) and then stuffed with goodies, yum!