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On our way to the last 10%

Here we go, lots accomplished and way over due for an update.  For our summer road trip (which I still must update...ugh) I got her ready to roll but not ready for a magazine cover.  After the trip, I just couldn't get into doing much...except to make her look passable for the TCT rally in Coloma in October.  But I finally got started working again during the Thanksgiving Holiday and have made some significant progress.  Pics to follow.

Completed window coverings (pic at right Shellacked and rubbed out birch panels that were replaced, and rubbed out existing panels.

Refinished cabinets and drawers including shining up hinges and pulls

soak hinges in denatured alcohol and lacquer thinnner.0000 steel wool and elbow grease.
Rebuilt the ice box (no pics) which was really easy.  Getting it out of the cabinet was pretty easy.  Mine also fit right through the door.  
unscrew latch and hinges and hingescleantake apart door and put double bubble wrap insulationPaint with rustoleumRe install wi…