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Really any color I want?!!

I have been a little obsessed lately with paint.  Now that the doors are "almost" done (still need to hang it) I am turning my attention to the most obvious undone aspect of my restoration....exterior paint.  There are many options here...most of which have their own sub options.
The first decision was DIY or send it out or a combination.Send it OutMaaco $500-800 depending on the amount of prep required.Higher End Resto/Paint shop $2-3K or moreCombinationDo the prep myself-- send it out/hireHire the prep out -- paint it myselfEither of these probably comes out to costing around the price of MaacoDIY-- great resources and discussions at these forums Rolled On   or the Vintage Shasta Trailer Forum(VSTF)Rattle Cans--believe it, some very nice paint jobs have been done with rattle cans, this link is to a video by a VSTF member$50 paint job--  with Rustoleum or equivalent Alkyd Enamel  roller method sprayer (borrowing spray gu…


Been working on some more of the final touches in preparation for painting.  The door and screen door on my old trailer were really a mess, but I'd been putting off doing anything about them out of some weird psychological blockage that if I took off the door and couldn't fix it I wouldn't be able to camp again.  So I had suffered with an exterior door which only closed with a gentle nudge at one corner and a screen door that took so much fighting to open and close that it had been nearly torn apart.  So when our July 4th camping trip fell through (not happy about that) I decided to put the time to good use and tackle the doors.

Long story short so far it's been pretty straight forward.  Taking apart the doors was easy.  I used the old ones as templates and got to work.  The aluminum trim was shot so I took them down to the local sheet metal shop to get new ones fabricated.  They will be ready sometime next week. I built out the frame and added a new birch interior sk…