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Payette River Idaho

Cascade Kayak and Raft
After a night in Boise we made our way up the road to visit our friends the Longs who run Cascade Raft and Kayak on the Payette River near Horseshoe Bend Idaho.  Tom and Debbie Long started Cascade about 20 yrs ago and run the premier whitewater rafting business on the river as well as a first class kayaking school.  One day we hope to visit their winter digs in Picon Chile. For the past several summers we've made our way here so that Ben could spend a week at Kayak Camp and I could enjoy myself camping along the banks of the Payette at the Long's private camp just north of Banks Idaho at a rapid called Otter Slide. This year because of our plans to do the Junior Olympics, we skipped kayak camp but instead chose to paddle a couple of runs on the Payette and explore some of the other sights in the area.  We had hoped to do the South Fork as well but high water kept us away.
Three highlights of our trip Running the North Fork CA Barton Section of the Payet…

Final Inside Touches

Now that all the wood work is done,  I'm ready for the last stretch of inside work.   The current countertop is a kind of grey linen look that I find really unappealing.  Wayback last year I purchased some of the soon to be discontinued and no longer available Formica pattern Boomerang in the color Aqua.  I was able to pick up at 4x8 sheet of boomerang from home depot for only $35, and have had it stored in my basement ever since.

Lately I've also become enamored of the idea of having a tin backsplash.  Looked at all the patterns but nothing was really grabbing me.  I was considering just going with plain when I happened upon this faux tin paneling that is actually a thermoplastic.  I like the wave pattern as it complements my water/agua theme.  I also like that it's a little contemporary.

Hopefully this will get installed this weekend.

Dinette Benches
Once this project is finished it will be on to reupholstering the dinette benches.  I was able to get a great deal on some…