Final Inside Touches

Now that all the wood work is done,  I'm ready for the last stretch of inside work.   The current countertop is a kind of grey linen look that I find really unappealing.  Wayback last year I purchased some of the soon to be discontinued and no longer available Formica pattern Boomerang in the color Aqua.  I was able to pick up at 4x8 sheet of boomerang from home depot for only $35, and have had it stored in my basement ever since.

Lately I've also become enamored of the idea of having a tin backsplash.  Looked at all the patterns but nothing was really grabbing me.  I was considering just going with plain when I happened upon this faux tin paneling that is actually a thermoplastic.  I like the wave pattern as it complements my water/agua theme.  I also like that it's a little contemporary.

Hopefully this will get installed this weekend.

Dinette Benches
Once this project is finished it will be on to reupholstering the dinette benches.  I was able to get a great deal on some high quality sign vinyl that will be upcycled for this purpose.  $5 for enough to do the benches and to basket weave a mat for outside.  Thank you to my friend jenny hurth at Elbow Grease Designs.  Isn't this great.  It's a graphic of the Art Deco buildings of South Beach in Miami.

Accessories.  I've scored a few accessories for Aguadream in the past few weeks as well. There are a couple folks on the    Vintage Shasta Trailer Forum who make magazine racks and other items for Shastas with the S cut in.  I had purchased a magazine rack from one earlier this year.  Decided to spread the love around and bought a napkin/utensil holder and a customized magazine rack from another member.  Both are still accepting orders.  If you're interested post a comment and I'll send you their info.
I also picked up some melamine plates bowls etc....   I know think they may be a bit too busy with all that will be going on with other elements.  Or what the heck, it's just camping right?!

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