Strawberry Fall 2012

Just got back from the 2012 Fall Strawberry Music Festival.  Gorgeous weather and the exceptional line up more than made up for the much more crowded camping scene.  Below is the "road"  the first line of Strawberry that begins before dawn on the First Day of the Festival as 4-5 miles of vehicles await entry and then an orderly but urgent scramble to obtain their cherished campsite.

 The line:  We were about a mile back even though we pulled onto the road well before the stated 6 am line up time.  That's us in the middle, and then a miles long line behind us.

We ended up with a fairly nice campsite, nearby our usual spot.  We did have a fairly cozy relationship with a rather large tree branch.  The new door and screen door worked out brilliantly!

Ben wasted no time hopping on his bike with all of his climbing gear to find a suitable spot to set up an anchor and rappel.  He spent hours scrambling on the big granite outcropping along Sunrise Trail.

But what we really come to Strawberry for is the music, and it did not disappoint.  Top Act in my book, none other than KD Lang, here singing the song that brought the entire festival to their feet mid set..  But the lineup was top to bottom awesome.  I especially liked new bands (to me) the Honeycutters as well as Birds of Chicago. Videos of both bands below.

The Honey Cutters.

The Birds of Chicago

The Birds of Chicago

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