doing too much work on the camper to put up a post

so in the mean time here's some pics of recent progress
floors Done!
framing 90% Done!
Insulation 60% done
windows...half way through polishing, all the gaskets are out of stock and on order from VTS
Going to order my new skin on Saturday
Electrical....ready to wire and hire an electrician for the hard stuff

What is the hold up.....well the street side skin doesn't line up with the framing in the back....diagnosis....50 yr slump....prognosis....not sure yet. Trying to jack it up if that doesn't work will just adjust everything.

new floor used homasote 440 with butyl window flashing instead of asphalt celotex board, then 3/8" CDX plywood framing

First piece of interior birch replaced!

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