bones and fun!

Bones: Have cut and dry fit sub floor front and back. It's slow progress with the few hours here and there I'm able to put in. April will be a big month for getting this done. Hopefully once a few of the puzzle pieces fit together it will go faster. Right now it's still do a little, scratch my head a little. Before it's attached, will adhere butyl based flashing on the undercarriage and maybe at some other strategic points where water tends to be a problem. Next step make sure that the framing matches the skin.

Finishing touches: I made a quilt a while back for the bed when I thought all I was going to have to do the camper was add a few finishing touches. Just got the top back from the machine quilter and finished the binding.

The second picture is a close up of the quilt stitch design, which I think has a very "jetsons" flair to it. The quilting is done on a big long arm quilting machine, takes 1/20 the time of quilting by hand. I think it looks pretty neat.

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