Build a Trailer Birthday Bash

As many of you know I turned 55 last weekend, as did my soon to be lovely 1956 shasta 1500. Figured I'd be working all weekend anyway, so decided to invite all my friends over to help me. Had a decent turnout (though I guess the idea of working on an old trailer isn't as appealing to all my friends as it is to me, lol) and got a fair bit of work done.

Got the side frames fully completed and insulated. Used aluminum tape to seal the air gaps.

Used JB Weld and scraps to repair tears in the aluminum. (Had 3M 8115 panel bond but couldn't justify paying $50 for an applicator gun) used Gremlin Guy's method...worked great.

Picked up new front and back skins from moose metals in Concord CA (great folks). They had no prob with 6" brake. This is the front skin. It's .40.... and it's gonna be a b*&%h to trim and fit, but will be solid.

She's not gonna be ready for the Memorial Day weekend trip, but I'm feeling confident we can be on the road for our longer trip June 14! Sure did appreciate the help from all my friends!

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