Where there's a will there is a way

With many helpful suggestions and consul from handy friends, I managed to jack up the trailer with a couple of bottle jacks and voila, I'm back on track.

AS you might recall I was stumped a week or so back after finishing up most of the framing only to find that the skin didn't line up, due to sagging on the back of the street side. I'm betting this is a common problem with years of rot combined with removing the skin during a partial rebuild. I had a 1.5 inch difference between the floor height and the skin

Borrowed a couple of bottle jacks from our local tool lending library (every community should have one!!and on the suggestion of a couple of VSTF members tried jacking up the back side of the trailer. First I screwed a 2x4 across the frame to hold it together and to give the jack something to push on. Then very easily lifted it 1.5 inches...no problem.

Checked the fit with the skin.....perfect. Had to reframe the baggage compartment area to match, and adjusted the runner board to fit. Still need to cut a new curved back frame.

Screwed in everything. lowered the jack, took off the 2x4, checked against the skin again....well a little slippage, but I'm not going to lose sleep over a quarter inch...I feel confident I can make it work.

no pictures, but I also fitted the birch in around the fantastic fan, got all of the curbside insulated, and dropped off the front and back skins at the sheet metal shop this morning on the way to work.
Friday a friend comes over to get the electrical squared away.

VTS called today and finally they have gaskets back in stock will ship Friday or Monday....Yeah!

Light at the end of the tunnel.

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