Camping and Kayaking for Mothers Day!

I got to combine two of my favorite activities over this weekend.  Camping and Kayaking!  Each May I coordinate the Cache Creek Slalom and Downriver Races on Cache Creek (between Clear Lake and Woodland on hwy 16) in California.  You can learn more about the races on my other blog .  We had a great time with more than 30 folks participating in the races and another dozen guests enjoying the camp and helping out.  The only thing missing was my son, Ben, who had a big bat mitzvah to attend and couldn't join the fun.
I also got to put up my awning and set up camp for the first time with everything (except, paint and upholstery) done, and could really show off.  I really enjoyed having folks come and poke their heads in and oooh and awe.  The flowers were given to all the moms in attendance.  
I had a couple of young friends who thought the trailer was a perfect magic place for them. What a great place for young kids.  My now teenager enjoys the camper but not nearly as much as these two did.

Here's a few more photos from the weekend.  Enjoy.

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