On the road....well not the actual road, but the journey continues

Okay so our departure date was supposed to be June 14....It is now June 18th...and we are looking at departing June 21 or 22. On the original schedule my son Ben and I would be whooping it up at the oldest whitewater festival in the US, FIBARK, which takes place in Salida Colorado on the Arkansas River. This morning is age group nationals for slalom. Next year!

Instead, the first week of our summer vacation has been me furiously working on the trailer, and Ben experiencing his first unstructured school break. He's had to make plans with friends day by day. Not too bad...lots of skateboarding, a couple of movies, a day dirt biking.

So here in Margueritaville, I've had several wonderful friends and some skilled craftsman helping me get her done. Caps off to Terry, Anne, Laurie, and Micci for helping scrape and polish windows and trim pieces. Corey and Dane for helping with framing, electrical and flipping the axle. And a special shout to Chris Mast at Mastco Sheet metal for rescuing me with fabricating the front and back pieces. I gave the folks at Moose Metal my old pieces to use as templates, but with no first hand observation or experience in this, the pieces weren't all quite right and all but one had to be redone. I'd still go back to them but wished I'd gone to Chris from the get go. He's a real craftsman. Came out to my house twice and puzzled through the whole deal with me to get it right.

Update June 17, 2011---final stretch.
Lots has been done :) but still more to do ::).

Got a 12v and 110 system set up just waiting for battery, charger/maintainer/converter and inverter to make her all go.

All rough inside framing and paneling is done all it needs is trim pieces and stain.

Outside is framed, wired and insulated.
Windows are almost ready....need to get glass/lexan for a couple that broke in the process, and add the furry stuff to my jalousie.

Still left for this weekend and early next week.
Glass/plastic for windows, put em together.
Finish flipping the axle, we're skipping new axle and trailer brakes for now due to a mix up in ordering (was gonna take 3 more weeks) SUNDAY
Drip rail on top still needs to come off and get cleaned up and reinstalled....it is a b*&^ch.
Stain and finish trim on inside
build out bed
Paint outside (Monday...at least first coat I hope) Or we could just hit the road ugly.
Install windows
Hook up battery etc... (Tuesday)
Clear DMV (Tuesday or Wednesday morning)
Hit the ROAD>>>>!!!!! Wednesday afternoon

Wish me luck!!

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