Yesterday was another milestone day. Had my friends Corey and Dave to help for a few hours. We attached the skin to the front of the frame.  I thought this was going to be really hard, but thanks to the expert work of sheet metal genius Chris Mast, the piece fit like a tight glove.  Had to work a bit to get the edges under the pittsburgh seams (open up the bend) without getting a tear.  Trick was to first do one side and then the other, and leave the middle window flashing for last.

Yesterday also accomplished
Installed the new trailer hitch
Finished flipping the axle

In progress the stage of adding seals and putting them back together.  Replacing glass on most of them with lexan.
Electrical is all connected but for some reason the blinkers are working but the running lights and brake lights aren't.  Gotta figure this out before the skin can go on the back.
Inside trim is started. (I'll be doing some of this work on the road I think lol)

Today's goals
Finish electrical
Install back and drip rails front and back
Install windows
Install cargo doors.

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